Inflation and International Relationships

Cost of living

Cost of living is high in Chennai when compared to the other part of south India. The reason is because of the increasing number of software Industry. Northern parts have become the financial capital of India and southern parts are blossoming with software Industry. NSE and BSE are the two big stock  exchange in India which makes Mumbai as the financial capital of India. NSE is the world’s 12th largest stock exchange. BSE is the world’s fastest stock exchange.  For the small office in Mumbai rent ranges from 8 crores to 10 crores for one year. In Chennai, the office rent ranges from 3 crores  to 10 crores  in Chennai. So, In terms of office space for rent in Chennai the rate is comparatively same. Residential rent is comparatively low when compared to the Mumbai residential rent. So it’s wise to make your business visible and try for fully furnished office space for rent in Chennai. Reachability matters only when you have regular visitors to your company. If you have a good reputation and your business is pretty much famous in the public then, in that case you can try for furnished office and regular follow ups with the customers.

International relationships

India is booming to the top of the world with a good industrial standards. So we have good international relationship to bring in the latest technology and to render quality service to the international companies. Many Indian companies have reached international standards. So, by default, we are in the position to blend the culture and technology to create new models of the buildings. Residential buildings can be up to the regional people taste but commercial buildings need to be with international standards. The wings of commercialization brought in furnished office space for rent in Chennai. The international relationships are important for any developing country to improve the technology and culture. Technology is easing our work and fastening our work. So, For any industry technology increases the profit and helps to retain the customers. Our Indian culture has good values like meditation, yoga, natural medicines and natural cosmetics etc.  These values should be taken to the international level to make them know about our values. Globalization has both pros and cons. So, balancing the business with keeping in mind Indian values and International values is the prominent gauge of Indian companies. So, IT parks with good infrastructure and modern facilities is important to make India rank well in the international standards.